Apple pie without the pie crust

Positively motivated by the baked apples I decided to try something which was keeping all the advantages of the original formula:

  • the apple – honey – baked combination
  • nuts and cinnamon aroma

and eliminated some of the negative elements:

  • non uniform cooking of the apple
  • nuts placed on the top got a bit burned and did not got much of the apple taste
  • difficult to eat in public as you cannot fully enjoy the formula with a little spoon as you could enjoy it with your fingers :)

So start working:

  • grate a few unpeeled apples
  • add some honey and sugar
  • add nuts (in small pieces) and cinnamon
  • butter your pan and add the mix
  • bake in the oven until you the apples soften

The result is absolutely delicious even if it lacks a bit on the aesthetics. Overall it had a much better rate of success even for my friends which are usually reticent. This is also the reason why I choose to forget the pie crust.

Have fun.

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