Curry wurst

Motivated by a nice dish I eat with some friends in a German restaurant I decided to try to replicate this dish. I ended up with a lot of different recipes on the net and this is a mixture of them, ingredients I could find and my common sense.


  • sausages (bratwurst), 3 of them cut into 1 cm pieces
  • 1/2 medium onion cut in small pieces
  • 100g tomato sauce
  • 2 gloves garlic cut in small pieces
  • 2 small hot pepper
  • 3 tbs curry


  • put onion into hot oil (2 tbs sunflower oil) for a few minutes, do not brown
  • add tomato sauce and equivalent water
  • add the hot pepper crushed and garlic (maybe 1 hot pepper is ok since the sauce got a bit spicy, it also depends how much you boil everything).
  • boil for 5-10 minutes (if you have a clean oven than you might wish to cover everything to avoid cleaning it again because it tends to spring all over as it starts boiling)

Curry wurst sauce

  • in the mean time cook the sausages

Curry wurst wurst

  • in your plate, put the sausages, cover with the sauce and then powder with curry according to taste. I use a strainer to powder evenly.
  • enjoy (optionally serve with sauerkraut salad)

Curry wurst

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  1. Sauerkraut Salad? Nononononono!

    The "real thing" is usually a fresh bread roll to dip the sauce with – or nice and golden french fries (optionally with even more ketchup and mayo).

    Another little correction: you fry the sausage as a whole and slice it on your plate before you add the sauce.

    If you don’t have Bratwurst (that’s the sausage used in the Ruhrpott area) you can also take a Wiener (which is closer to good old Berlin style), too.

  2. he he, thank you very much for the infos, I will try to do it as you say next time. Finding the appropriate sausage will be more tricky. However I really think some pickles (as the salad is) taste good as they are complementary in some kind (warm/cold, a bit heavy/lighter).

  3. I Lived in Berlin for six years and never had a currywurst made with a wiener. Wieners were usually a foot long sausage served with a hard roll. Does any one know how to make Schasclik? (including the sauce)

  4. My father was in the British Army, mostly in the Rhine area, I remember schasclik mmmmmmmmmm would also love the original German recipe please, was this Bochwurst? or Bratwurst? Thank goodness our pizza houses sell pommefrittes just like they have them in Germany – this is just not the same with british chips!

  5. Schaschlik or German style kebaps are fairly easy. Take cubed pork (best to use neck) and stick them on soaked wooden skewers with a piece of onion between every piece of meat. Up until the early 70’s the used a mix of pork neck and pork kidneys. Kind of the Germanic answer to Steak & Kidney Pie :). Next step: make a sauce out of water, crushed tomatoes, some ketchup, onions and Worchester sauce. Fry the kebaps on all sides and then stew them in the sauce et voila: German “Imbiss Buden”( Take out snack stands) kebap. Best served with a fresh bread roll or over fries with lots of the sauce.

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