Lamb, mushrooms

Everything started with some leftover cooked lamb after the easter holidays. I had some cooked lamb (parts of the back leg) and some mushrooms and I was trying to have a rather light and simple dish.


  • mushrooms
  • onion and garlic
  • some leftover cooked lamb
  • some red and sweet wine (I used “Negru de Tohani dulce”- “Sweet Tohani Black” wine).


  • cut the onion and mushrooms

mushrooms, onion

  • brown the onion and then add the mushrooms. No water is needed but stir at the beginning a little. Cover and dim the fire.
  • in the mean time cut the lamb pieces
  • the mushrooms will reduce to 1/3 of the size in about 5-10 minutes.
  • remove the mushrooms and brown a bit the lamb with cut garlic. This will remove a bit of the lamb grease and extract the garlic aroma.
  • add the mushrooms and half a glass of wine
  • cover and let it on the fire until the wine is almost gone but there is still some sauce. Do not overcook as it will loose all the flavor

mushrooms, onion, lamb

  • enjoy

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