Pickled ginger

Even since the sushi recipe I wanted to prepare the missing ingredient, pickled ginger. Since ginger is now available I first tried to pickle it a few months ago. Since then I found multiple uses for it, either as a refreshing inter-meal or in salads, especially the sweet, spicy vinegar as a base for the salad sauce.

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  • 1 ginger root (rhisome)
  • 2/3 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • salt


  • wash and peal the ginger
  • thin slice the ginger
  • salt the slices and leave them for 1h
  • boil the vinegar and sugar and pour over the ginger slices
  • let it cool down and then store it in the fridge. I think it can last for up to 6 months in this way. I am still using pickled ginger from 3 months ago.

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Extra note: a few hours after, the ginger and the liquid gets a pink nuance. This is quite good. I fact I was hopping for more but I think the variation I had was using some kind of color ingredient for a stronger pink.

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  1. […] facut (10x pt. reteta, Len!), fiindca e esential pentru sushi, iar la magazin e cam scump. A fost supersimplu: mai intai […]

  2. Merge si cu otet de mere?

  3. Cu siguranta.

  4. Am incercat cu otet de mere. Problema e ca ghimbirul, si dupa 2-3 saptamani, a ramas foarte iute. Ghimbirul murat pe care l-am mancat eu la sushi nu era cu siguranta asa iute. Poate nu am pus destul otet, sau destul zahar in otet?

  5. Poate sa depinda un pic si de ghimbir. Eu am facut de cateva ori reteta si in unul din cazuri a iesit un pic mai iute. As inclina mai curand sa zic ca procesul de oparire elimina un pic din iuteala, dar e doar o parere fara dovada precisa.

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