Serbet de afine

This again is a “memory” recipe: Şerbet de afine – Bilberry “şerbet”. I could not find the english equivalent of the term. The similar sorbet or sherbet recipes implies milk and freezing so they are different.


  • 1 kg sugar
  • 800 ml liquid (fruit juice)
  • juice from 1 lemon


  • get the fruit juice. You need ripe fruits like bilberries which leave a lot of juice
  • you need to clean the juice to remove the pulp. In fact this is the base recipe but in my case I just blended the fruits and then filtered the result so the juice was not 100% clear.
  • mix the juice with sugar and stir on a low flame
  • stir for a while to avoid sticking
  • test with a spoon by taking liquid with a spoon then dropping some into a cold water glass. If the liquid forms a bubble which can then be grabbed with the fingers it’s ok.
  • let it cool until you can touch it with your finger
  • add the lemon juice and stir some more
  • with a wooden spoon start mixing in a slow fashion. For measurement I did 100 circles in one direction then 100 in the other direction then I changed hands. In total I did around 1400 mixing circles. As you can imagine it will take a while but you will slowly see the color changing as it will mix with the air.
  • finally pour into a clean, dry glass jar
  • serve with a spoon in a glass of cold water as my grand mother did.

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  1. Tudor Timotin

    vreau si eu!!!!!;)

  2. Căutam termen în engleză, evident fără să găsesc. În schimb am găsit o fată care a publicat reţete care o să-ţi sune bine:

  3. Looks very yummy!.. I can’t wait to try it!

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