Stewed cabbage with pasta

I knew and tried this recipe a few times already with very good results so it’s not really an experiment but it surely looks like one :)


  • half of medium size cabbage
  • 500 g of flat pasta. I used tagliatelle so it will resemble in shape to the cut down cabbage
  • optional for inspiration 10 – 15  smoked dried plums. I found them in the market the other day and could not resist as they made me remember childhood too much.


  • cut down the cabbage in small strippes
  • mix with lot of salt and let it change for 45 minutes
  • squeeze out the liquid and wash if you think you added to much salt. Taste to avoid the cabbage to be too salty
  • stew the cabbage using your favorite process. Usually I cut some onion, brown it a bit and then add the cabbage, mix for 5-10 minutes and then put in the oven for 20 minutes while mixing from time to time to avoid the cabbage to get burned. Since this is a lengthy process I sometimes tried to pre-soften the cabbage using the microwave.

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  • for the optional smoked dried plums I added them in the middle of the process to share some aroma to the cabbage.

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  • in the mean time boil the pasta in water (don’t add salt). The pasta does not have to be too soft but “al dente”
  • mix the cabbage with the pasta and cook together for 5 minutes

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  1. You forgot to mention what was in the glass… was it red wine or Coca Cola ?

  2. It was white sweet wine, 5 years old Lacrima lui Ovidiu

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