Install openmtbmaps in qlandkartegt

As it seems it’s quite an easy task to install openmtb (or velomap) maps in qlandkarte on linux. Here are required steps. Tested on qlandkartegt 1.4.0 on ubuntu 12.04. 

1. download the desired openmtb map. The .exe file.

2. install 7z if you don’t have it already

apt-get install 7z

3. create a folder and unpack the .exe

mkdir mtbromania
7z x -y -omtbromania mtbromania.exe

(change mtbromania with your map name)

4. in qlandkartegt open map. Select the mapset*.tdb and mapset*_mdr.img basemap files. For short info the mapsetc files contain contours, the mapsetx don’t contain the contours and the mapsetz are only the contours.

5. if you are wondering how to select a special .typ then don’t worry. Qlandkartegt detects then and shows them in a combo in the status bar.

6. plan and go cycling!

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