Is Polar H7 android compatible?

I’ve been searching for an Android compatible heart rate monitor belt for a while. While the Zephyr HxM seems the recommended choice it is not available where I live and most of the others list only iPhone in their compatible products. I also had my doubts regarding Polar since I’ve tested the WearLink+ and I found it to disconnect quite often. Finally I gave up, waited for Sony to roll the 4.3 for my Xperia Z1 and I bought a Polar H7 after a succinct test at the dealer. These are my conclusions after a week of daily usage:

  • Yes, it can work with the Sony Xperia Z1 with Android 4.3 but…
  • The problem is not with the device but with the apps. I know all the Android app life cycle is complicated but I’ve seen too many apps connecting, the screen going off, turning the screen on and the app starting from scratch thus loosing all training data. Only one app worked perfectly and never lost connectivity: BLE Heart Rate monitor. Other app which worked somehow is the Polar Trainer which however is not supported officially for my phone (too bad). None the generalist apps such as Endomondo, Strava,  Sports Tracker worked.

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  1. hello,
    do you try new version of endomondo? (in update log they wrote something about bl heart rate monitors fix)

  2. Hi Damian, yes, latest version. I did not had it installed before anyway.

  3. And everything is working now without problems?

  4. Now I have reached a configuration where it works quite ok, maybe if I will have loads of time I will even try to write an app myself.

  5. hello! can you say will H7 works with xperia ZL (4.3) with endomondo pro apps? tnx

  6. Thank you for you post. You saved me a lot of head ache. I was almost ready to give up trying to get the Polar H7 heart rate senor and my Sony Experia Z1S to connect to each other (Both Polar and Sony were no help) until I found that you had success with your Sony phone. NOTE: the only way to get the Polar H7 to work is to use the BLE Heart Rate Monitor App (Searching for it with your Bluetooth App won’t work). When I opened the BLE App it immediately found the Polar H7 sensor. I also noticed that it was necessary to have the H7 strapped to my chest to be able to maintain the connection.
    Good Luck

  7. The H7 works fine with the Polar Beat app and works on endomondo but on no other app that I’ve tried (on a Nexus 5)

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