Knee problems, conflicting diagnosis, MRI

Everything started one week before the 1 December. I woke up with an intense pain in both knees. The pain seemed like a heavy pressure localized bellow the kneecap. This pressure made it very difficult to flex my knees or walk. In fact the pressure pain was present both when still and when trying to move in any way. Even sleeping was difficult as the pain continued. The best position was to keep my legs at an angle of about 160-170 which I achieved using a small pillow under my legs.

The first doctor I have seen said it was an inflammation of the soft tissue due to the cold. After almost 2 weeks of pain and anti-inflammatory treatment the pain was still there but I was able to move more freely.

The next doctor decided to do more investigations and so I ended up doing a MRI for both knees. They said I have some degeneration of the interior meniscus and a small dislocation of kneecap which has become loose so I should operate in order to tighten the kneecap and repare the meniscus.

In the mean time the winter holidays arrived and I found out that keeping the knees warm can eliminate the pain almost completely so I started wearing warm underpants, knee bandages and searching for knee protection. Things where postponed for this year and the warmth strategy was so ok that I even used my bicycle a few times for short rides in the city.

The next doctor I have seen investigated me a bit and said that I have absolutely nothing and probably my pain is meteo-dependent. This doctor did not inspired me much confidence mainly because instead of looking on the MRI images he first wanted to read the MRI diagnosis and only then looked a bit on the images. In consequence I went to another doctor yet again.

This final doctor played a bit with my knees in order to illustrate a cyclist legs to his resident students, he then looked straight on the MRI images and decided that I am in a very bad state, that my meniscus is in degeneration, that my kneecap had lost it’s degrees of mobility (!remember the first doctor which said the exact opposite) and that the cartilage on my femur was too thin. He said I should operate as soon as possible to release the kneecap but said the cartilage problem has no solution so I will probably never be able to ride a bicycle. He said anyway it’s stupid to ride a bicycle when you can have a car (see how the people in Romania think about cycling).

In conclusion, after analysis of the doctors diagnosis, and my personal observations I am completely lost. First the diagnosis where conflicting to say the least. Second they did not seemed to consider the warmth effect I have noticed as the only remedy. There would be a bit more to say on this subject since I live and work in a very bad place, an office on the north-west, always wet and above an open cold space. During the time I have been living and working here I have noticed pains in knees, hand, feet and neck articulations and even teeth. It seems to me that there is a good chance these might be related but the doctors did not payed any interest in correlating these facts. I even consulted a reumatism doctor and did a full set of blood works with no results.

So, in conclusion again, there is no conclusion except confusion and observations on a bad medical practice.

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