Disciplined or tamed

In the first day at Nice we went into a shop for children. Most of them where soundless, quiet. Alex tried to play with one of them. He seemed the same age but his face was tired, aged. He had circles around the eyes and made no sound. When he fall he did not scream. He did not cried. His father raised him but his expression was still, petrified.

I went on the beach. A father tried to give an impulse to his child to raise a kite in the wind. He was pushing the immobile child to the left and to the right. The entangled kite fall down and the child starred while his father tried to free it. The same scene repeated for a few times.

I turned to see a 14 – 16 years old girl who was hiding behind her mother, who almost carried her silently on the beach.

A few steps further away a few old people, in their late 70s or maybe more were starting a randonee on the beach.Old men and women preparing their sport equipment and backpacks and making quite a noise.

I walked further just to see a bunch of teenagers. Heavily dressed they were watching a 80 or something guy who just finished surfing and was preparing to shower top naked in the chilly wind.

The next day I was supposed to get back home. I was waiting to board the airplane as the boarding time already passed by 10 minutes and we were notified that the plane was canceled. There was no sound, no rumor. We were asked to follow one of the guys. We went outside on the runway and entered a different gate and circled the airport through various otherwise closed doors to arrive at the check-in again. This total lack of security happened while at the boarding I had to take my shoes off. Never mind the security, we arrived at the check-in. They said they will re-tag our luggage to catch another flight which was leaving in 50 mins. The line formed in silence. The first passenger in line waited for 45 mins. There was no screaming, almost silent conversation. We lost this flight and we were directed to another place in the airport to the company desk. There was no running, nu rushing. The line formed again in silence. There was only one person at the desk. Again it took 30 minutes for the first passenger, 20 for the second. There was no noise, no loud speaking. At some point a german guy asked why nobody is coming to serve the other desk. There was nobody else with the “ability” to do the changes. Everybody waited in silence. Then someone came and said we have to go get our luggage. We had to go, ring a door, go inside the airport luggage storage and get the bags. Even if we had already waited for more than an hour, the line broke and most people went to check their bags. After getting the new reservations I went to search for my bag. I ringed the bell, the door opened and I was inside. I went, took my bag and went to the check in again. Then I went again to the security check to have my shoes removed.

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  1. Eastern communists have dreamed at such a world – western communists made it possible.

    No motivation, no faith, no religion.

  2. Eu n-as fi atat de categoric. Din ce am vazut eu calitatea vietii in general este foarte buna. M-a socat doar aspectul asta punctual.

  3. În general am ţintit lipsa de poftă de viata, lipsa de satisfactii, tocmai în contrast cu calitatea foarte bună a vietii.

    In particular e într-adevăr speculaţie: chiar cei religioşi pot fi la fel de lipsiţi de reacţii; exemplu: budiştii sau la creştinii care trec peste un atac sau o jignire.

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