Diet: 8 months later

I’ve decided to write a short follow-up on the deconstructive diet motivated by:

  • a post I read related to dieting using medical products (to the usage of which I totally disagree)
  • a boy I saw today waiting on the queue. He was very little, almost round and the parents fed him a large ice cream. I really think these cases are the worst as the child has no control whatsoever, all the blame is to the parents for their ignorance and for their very bad teaching.

So, given these related ideas here are the facts: I am today around 73 kg, 8 months after the deconstructive diet.

And here is a short formulation of the related thoughts: you gain weight for one reason, you eat too much. Why you eat too much it’s another question and it can have multiple reasons. You loose weight, or remain to a certain weight by eating less or not too much. The rules of our parents don’t apply here. You cannot expect to stay 10h in a chair in front of a computer and eat 3 full meals a day. So you have to find out how much you can eat and when it’s best and worst to eat. Then you realize that if you eat just a bunch then you cannot make any more compromise on quality. In my case this means cooking by myself. Eating junk because you don’t have anything to eat seems foolish and a loss of your efforts. Eating less does not mean not eating what you want it just means you can eat whatever you want if you understand the value of food. You can eat a cake now, there is no restraint but you cannot eat 5 cakes and stack them with your regular meals. Also, most of the reasons which made you eat before will probably still exist so you will have to deal with them at some point sooner or later. For me it’s a question of balance, a balance I have to maintain it each day, sometimes harder and sometimes easier.

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  1. i would rather say you are thin :)…anyway, i got those products as a present from the producer and never actually followed the diet properly, beacuse it gave me heartaches

  2. Merci. Super fun trackbackul asta, deabia acum a ajuns la tine odata cu un update al postului asta vechi.

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