Old people, retired people, living in their boxes, starring at other boxes. What drives them? What are they doing? I won’t ask if they are contributing to society, it’s stupid. But are they changing things around in good, are they sharing lifetimes worth of knowledge? I don’t know and cannot generalize about all but I see many blocked in a frozen, unmovable urge to block all change, to destroy all new, to postpone all action, waiting for … death?

In many places you see busloads of old people, going in holidays, dressing funny and overall seeming to enjoy life more than younger people however around me I see only stagnation and driveless, meaningless living. I see only the eternal bitter old women from the downstairs of most buildings, which you always avoid no matter where you go, always complaining to you, the stranger, surely a thief or worse, waiting you for the daily complaint.

And I see people I know, retired from life after retiring from the lifelong job. Why is there no motivation, no drive? Is there no life other than hoping for grandchildren?

And I also see young people which are in the same state, retired from life, driveless.

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