I’m an alien, a poor alien

Do you have in mind the image of the movie where the alien from a distant planet arrives on Earth and does not seem to make head or tail of the earth-people? Well, on many occasions I feel very much like this generic alien type. I try to understand people and places and their logic eludes me.

For some time I have been searching for a nicer place, a place of refuge, a place of easy cycling, and in this search I feel more alien than ever. I cannot understand all the people stacked as sardines, all the nice places destroyed by ugly constructions, all the ways people are able to clutter everything with junk. The absolute efficiency at filling every place with functional inefficiency. I can understand poverty caused slums but I cannot understand slums created with huge overlapping, rainbow colored, immensely dull and kitsch expensive constructions.

I can understand the budget inn with low-cost finishes but I cannot understand the “high-class” hotel with very expensive materials but with finishes so bad one cannot comprehend. As a hotel owner how can you invest so much in venetian tiles but not care if they are not straight on the wall or if the corners don’t meet.

I try to talk to people and explain what I am searching. They talk and they talk: “This is what you want, it’s the best, everyone wants this”. I make an observation or a question: “No, this does not respect any of my requirements” and they talk and they talk completely ignoring anything I say: “Yes, of course. This is what you need”. I try to stop them or even leave. No effect. I must not quite grasp the language.

I am an alien, lost in an alien world and unlike the alien in the movie, I have no special power, I cannot read minds or teleport. I can only accept like any poor alien.

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  1. word.

    close to the town I live there used to be a green suburb, with the “a la campagne” feeling. Nice place to walk/bike, take photos of dragonflies and what not.
    until they started constructing stuff. everywhere. green bushes and plants ? the excavators too care of those, and if they didn’t the huge amount of earth displaced by the said excavators buried the remaining ones.
    and the best part of it ? it’s all illegal. it’s all under a stupid dam which means that if the dam overflows, bye bye buildings and crap.

    humans … I will never be able to understand them, try as I might.

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