Just enjoy

The sun was still not set when I returned today from my short trip I do sometimes, time permitting, with my road bike outside the city. Before leaving I was again mentally tired and the bike seemed to crack and squeak. The cyclometer battery was drained and it blinked the initial setup faintly kmh/mih. Yet I went on, with all the thoughts heavy in my legs. On the return trip however for a moment the mind went blank, resetting itself and I remembered the trip yesterday, cycle and swim and before yesterday, cycle. Not much, not something extraordinary, but nice for me. And I remembered the months of pain the knees, the hand joints, the leg joints and even the mouth joint cracking, squeaking. I also remembered the last physician which looked at the tests, saw the “positive” sign and then, with a sad, resigned look said: “There is nothing I can do for you, you can only hope for better anti-inflammatory drugs and a subscription to a rheumatologist”. The pain is still there, I can feel it, but it’s hidden, faint and easy ignored in the sun and heat. So at once, in the void of my mind all these thoughts left just joy. The joy to ride my short ride, day after day in the months of summer.

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