A bug it’s a bug, it’s a bug, but only for geeks

Yesterday night I wanted to shower but the water was cold, ice cold. After looking a bit at the water heater I started to search on google details about this problem on this model. Finally I found a forum discussing this problem for a different model. The problem resided in the flow detector. I could call support, wait for a few days or try to solve the problem myself, the warranty was already expired. I started searching for the technical manual and I decided to open the heater and find the flow sensor. I found it and it was jammed with impurities. I cleaned and reassembled it. I wanted to test it but when water started flooding my room I realized that I forgot something. I spent 1h cleaning the water, added the missing part and retried. Everything was ok but I was too tired for any shower and anyway I was soaked.


Yesterday night I wanted to do some work but the application stopped processing its data. I started to google for the problem and the application version. I found on a forum with a similar problem for the filter parameters. Should I call support? There is no warranty for software anyway. I started searching for some examples and decided to make the modification myself. I found the filters config file and started making the modifications. On the first test the application seemed to work but I soon realized it was filling all my disk space with nonsense data. I spent 1h cleaning the data. I fixed the config typo and tested again. Everything was working perfectly. I gave up on my project, already losing too much time in the process.

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