Broken promises

The mind flows as a long wave but as it travels along the path of life most of the time it’s unaware of the long journey ahead and forgets the memories of the past. It does as such to cope with the infinity of choices and to define a fixed frame, a simpler frame. In this frame the life is more bearable, standardized, filled with known and acknowledgeable symbols. It’s easy to make a promise. But later the life flows on, the frame changes, with small items, unnoticeable at first until you realize everything is different. Then the promises might start to weight heavy in the new context. The good willing person will hold to them with great suffering and pain until the pain will be unbearable and it will face the choice either to be ripped by the pain and destroyed or let go, break the promise. It’s sometimes better to be selfish, or at least self-preserving enough to understand when it’s time to let go. As the life changes faster and faster it’s enough to walk a street or into a park to see people making promises or breaking them. It’s also easy to see the people, usually older, which have froze their frame and look at you from distant places, as through the bottom of an old glass bottle.

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