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Apuseni mountains, 4 days on 2 wheels, 2 days on 2 legs


I dedicate this article to the Spanish cyclotourists we’ve met in Albac and the ones we met later on the road. They did not knew much about the region and were limiting their journey to the main asphalt roads without any detours. At that time I did not knew much about cycling possibilities in the region myself so I was only a bit sad for them, coming all the way here and not seeing any cave or more traditional village. I write this in English in the hope some cyclotourist thinking of cycling this road will find this and have a worthwhile detour.

Why not spend 1 or 2 days seeing this:


or this:

Apuseni house

instead of this:

road to Deva


Day 1/2, Albac to Sfoartea, 31km, cyclotouring

There is no shortcut from Bucharest to Albac, the start of our journey, so we arranged the panniers on our bikes around 3pm and started on the road at 4pm. This was quite fortunate since it was a very hot day. All of us, Magda, Cata, Vali and I, have planned this trip in a bit of a rush but were very excited coming here to explore a bit the region.

Apuseni village