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A trecut mult timp de cand n-am mai iesit la o tura serioasa. Prins cu alte proiecte, n-am mai apucat sa fac sau sa povestesc mai nimic. Dan insa nu ne-a lasat sa ne ingrasam prea tare. N-am reusit sa-i refuzam ideea de a face un tur pe asfalt, cu roti subtiri sau cursiere unde era cazul.

Planul era simplu: 4 zile, 4 participanti, 400km, >4000mh, 2 traversari serioase si de “palmares”, bagaj minimal, pedalat maximal.

Prima zi: Curtea de Arges – Novaci, pe drumuri secundare asfaltate, drum foarte prost intre Horezu si Polovragi pe DJ660, 116km/1800mh


A doua zi: Novaci – Ranca – Pasul Urdele – Sugag, 110km/2500mh. Am urcat pe soare, de la Ranca a inceput sa se innoreze accelerat si in pasul Urdele ne-a plouat serios, cu grindina, la 5C. Pe coborare ploaia s-a oprit si in Obarsia Lotrului a iesit din nou soarele, pentru sfarsitul zilei reusind sa ne uscam pana la Valea Frumoasei, unde am innoptat.


A treia zi: Susag – Cartisoara, drumul cicloturistic al marginimii Sibiului, 123km/1400mh. Zi frumoasa cu soare, cea mai grea zi pentru mine din cauza unei mese de pranz “prea ca la tara”.


A patra zi: Cartisoara – Curtea de Arges, 118km/2000mh, zi splendida, urcarea usoara, pacat ca era ultima zi, caci parca ne intrasem in forma pentru inca 4 zile.

A fost o tura splendida, la inceput de toamna, cu prieteni buni. Cel mai mult mi-au placut urcarile pe Trans-uri, mult mai motivante si cu rasplata imediata :)


Is Polar H7 android compatible?

I’ve been searching for an Android compatible heart rate monitor belt for a while. While the Zephyr HxM seems the recommended choice it is not available where I live and most of the others list only iPhone in their compatible products. I also had my doubts regarding Polar since I’ve tested the WearLink+ and I found it to disconnect quite often. Finally I gave up, waited for Sony to roll the 4.3 for my Xperia Z1 and I bought a Polar H7 after a succinct test at the dealer. These are my conclusions after a week of daily usage:

  • Yes, it can work with the Sony Xperia Z1 with Android 4.3 but…
  • The problem is not with the device but with the apps. I know all the Android app life cycle is complicated but I’ve seen too many apps connecting, the screen going off, turning the screen on and the app starting from scratch thus loosing all training data. Only one app worked perfectly and never lost connectivity: BLE Heart Rate monitor. Other app which worked somehow is the Polar Trainer which however is not supported officially for my phone (too bad). None the generalist apps such as Endomondo, Strava,  Sports Tracker worked.

Ciucas, prima tura pe 2014




Piatra Craiului

(Piatra Craiului)

Apuseni mountains, 4 days on 2 wheels, 2 days on 2 legs


I dedicate this article to the Spanish cyclotourists we’ve met in Albac and the ones we met later on the road. They did not knew much about the region and were limiting their journey to the main asphalt roads without any detours. At that time I did not knew much about cycling possibilities in the region myself so I was only a bit sad for them, coming all the way here and not seeing any cave or more traditional village. I write this in English in the hope some cyclotourist thinking of cycling this road will find this and have a worthwhile detour.

Why not spend 1 or 2 days seeing this:


or this:

Apuseni house

instead of this:

road to Deva


Day 1/2, Albac to Sfoartea, 31km, cyclotouring

There is no shortcut from Bucharest to Albac, the start of our journey, so we arranged the panniers on our bikes around 3pm and started on the road at 4pm. This was quite fortunate since it was a very hot day. All of us, Magda, Cata, Vali and I, have planned this trip in a bit of a rush but were very excited coming here to explore a bit the region.

Apuseni village




Ziua cea mai lunga

Ziua a inceput odata cu rasaritul soarelui cu puiul piu al lui Vladut pe drumul spre Maneciu, de unde, in cea mai lunga zi a anului planuisem o tura potrivita pentru asa zi.

(Grohotis – Ciucas)


Marvin 2013, Live

Deci, maine, 09 iunie 2013, ma puteti urmari live la Marvin 2013 in pagina de mai jos, cu numarul 60. Haide Len :)


@deprecated: source available on github.


Active TrackerActiveTracker is a system for tracking event participants such as participants in a Mountain Bike race.

The system has 2 components. The ActiveTracker mobile app is installed on an Android based phone and tracks user location. The ActiveTracker web app displays user location on a map in relation to other users and with a given track.



After installing the ActiveTracker app on their Android phone, before the race begins each participant should input it’s race number and start tracking. GPS and data have to be enabled on the phone.


To register with the ActiveTracker system, an event organizer is required to follow these steps:

  • contact us to register the event with our system
  • after registration, we will provide some html code which can be inserted into the organizer website. This code can be found here.
  • during the event registration process, the organizer will select the participants which will be tracked and will provide additional informations about the ActiveTracker usage. Download and print this A4 page with further instructions.


This is how the ActiveTracker can be integrated into an event website.


The system is provided “AS IS” without any warranty of any kind.
On some mobile phones it can take up to 15 mins in the open for a GPS lock, make sure GPS location is enabled. Tracking only works if you have data enabled
and there is network coverage. During usage, the GPS and data connection are used. This can affect your battery consumption and data connection charges.
Use ONLY the “Active Test” event for testing the tracking