Ciucas, inca iarna

O tura pe traseul cunoscut. Am plecat cu mult optimism de vreme buna si soare si uscat si chiar daca am dat peste zapada multa si am impins un pic de la Cabana Ciucas pana la saua Chirusca a fost cald si frumos. Pacat ca pentru prima data mi-am lasat aparatorile de neopren pentru pantofi la masina :) Oricum, fie zapada cat de mare, a venit primavaraaaaa!

Vand bicicleta

Mi-am dat seama dupa ce am scris anuntul de vanzare ca imi pare rau de bicicleta asta, si, in semn de respect, m-am decis sa-i spun povestea.

Totul a inceput in toamna anului 2012 cand mi-am dat seama ca bicicleta mea din acel moment, un Ghost SE 9000, cumparat second cu cativa ani inainte, nu mai are prea multa viata. Si, fiind patit, am decis sa fac o cautare indelungata si intemeiata inainte sa se intample ceva si sa fiu presat de nevoia de a merge cu bicicleta, fara a avea una.

Asa ca mi-am facut o lista cu criterii: sa fie usoara (< 10kg), sa fie eleganta, sa fie bine echipata, sa fie neagra, sa fie ieftina :) Da, puteti rade deja de mine, dar dupa ce trec de 30 de ani unii barbati incep sa creada ca merita jucarii noi. Asa ca am eliminat piata locala: prea multe compromisuri si prea scumpa.

Dupa cateva popasuri scurte am ajuns in .de si mai precis la o lista de marci locale, din . Am facut lista, am trimis mailuri, am scos pe cine nu trimite in ro si am trimis din nou mailuri. Pana la urma am gasit un furnizor mic, cu cadre elegante, cu componente alese si cu greutati exacte (si nu cu o eroare de 10%). Toata cautarea si decizia n-au durat putin si m-am trezit cu bicicleta la usa cand inca era zapada afara asa ca prima tura am facut-o in aprilie 2013. Au mai fost cateva ture frumoase anul trecut si m-am impacat foarte bine cu bicicleta mea eleganta. Mai putin insa s-a impacat spinarea mea, mai precis in zona L4-L5 asa ca, un an mai tarziu, din nou cu gandurile unui barbat trecut de 35 ani care crede ca merita, m-am hotarat sa imi iau un full-suspension.

Asta a fost povestea acestei biciclete eleganta si usoara, sper sa gasesc pe cineva sa se bucure de ea folosind-o cat mai mult.


Cadru din aluminiu de 20”, negru, fara marcaje, poate fi personalizat.


Bicicleta este echipata cu:

  • Grup full XT:
    • Butuc Shimano XT Hollowtech II Kurbel FC-M780 – 3×10
    • Schimbatoare Shimano XT Rapidfire SL-M780
    • Caseta Shimano XT Kassette CS-M771 10 viteze 11-36
    • Schimbator Shimano XT FD-M780 3×10
    • Lant Shimano XT HG-94
    • Schimbator spate Shimano XT RD-M780 SGS Shadow
  • Furca Magura TS8 R 100mm Disc only
  • Jante Mavic Crosstrail Disc Only
  • Frane Magura MT6 cu discuri de 180mm
  • Ghidon, pipa, tija sa Gravity-9
  • Cauciucuri Continental X-King Racesport 2,2″ (sau alternativ Racing Ralph 2.25)
  • Gripuri Acros A-Grip (nu cele din imagine)
  • fara pedale

Greutatea fara pedale este de 9.96kg.

Are doar 1 an si turele pe care le-am facut cu ea le gasiti aici.

Pret: 6900 RON.

Is Polar H7 android compatible?

I’ve been searching for an Android compatible heart rate monitor belt for a while. While the Zephyr HxM seems the recommended choice it is not available where I live and most of the others list only iPhone in their compatible products. I also had my doubts regarding Polar since I’ve tested the WearLink+ and I found it to disconnect quite often. Finally I gave up, waited for Sony to roll the 4.3 for my Xperia Z1 and I bought a Polar H7 after a succinct test at the dealer. These are my conclusions after a week of daily usage:

  • Yes, it can work with the Sony Xperia Z1 with Android 4.3 but…
  • The problem is not with the device but with the apps. I know all the Android app life cycle is complicated but I’ve seen too many apps connecting, the screen going off, turning the screen on and the app starting from scratch thus loosing all training data. Only one app worked perfectly and never lost connectivity: BLE Heart Rate monitor. Other app which worked somehow is the Polar Trainer which however is not supported officially for my phone (too bad). None the generalist apps such as Endomondo, Strava,  Sports Tracker worked.

CD backup

Since my last laptop with a working CD drive is dying this a simple script which does the following ops once the CD is inserted and auto-mounter:

  • finds the mount point
  • copies the files
  • ejects the CD
cd "$(cat /proc/mounts | grep iso9660 | cut -d' ' -f2 | sed -e 's#\\040# #g')" 
&& cp * /media/backup/data/ && cd && eject /dev/sr0


Multicast pitfalls

Multicast might seem like a great idea for 2 problems: iptv and discovery. In my case it seemed like a very good idea for cluster node auto-discovery: no need to configure each node with all the other nodes, no need to know the number of nodes beforehand, use a single node configuration. However it seems that more and more nodes are discovered you can fall into some very dark pitfalls which could eat days and nights of your time until either you find a solution, either you revert to tcp or udp unicast. And the conclusion is that multicast at network level is not something you can assume working as is the case for tcp or udp unicast. Here are some pitfalls I found in various deployments and the solution or lack of, I could or could not find. (more…)

Replicated EhCache, the uneasy road

At first replicating EhCache seems a very easy task, just need to configure ehcache.xml with RMI and you are ready. Is it so?


Database locking

This is a very simple example demonstrating a method to achieve a reliable lock in a cluster when the cluster shares a database connection. This example uses an Oracle database which has the following table/row:

CREATE TABLE locked(shortname varchar2(100) PRIMARY KEY, info varchar2(100));
INSERT INTO locked VALUES('TestLock', '');


Ciucas, prima tura pe 2014

Old laptop, broken charger, limited frequency

I have an old laptop with a broken charger. The laptop works on the charger but it does not charges the battery. This should not be a problem since the battery is broken also. However I’ve noticed the laptop is very slow. After further investigation I noticed that the cpu maxfreq is always equal the the low frequency no matter the governor:

cat cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_max_freq

I installed cpufreq and tried setting the governor to performance, no luck. At first the governor was always getting back to ondemand until I realized to stop the ondemand service (update-rc.d remove -f ondemand). Then, even with the performance governor the frequency was never getting as high as it should. Finally after a lot of research I found the following lines which added to /etc/rc.local fixed everything:

echo 1 > /sys/module/processor/parameters/ignore_ppc
echo -n 2000000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq
echo -n 2000000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

Of course you should use your max frequency from /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies

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