Marilen Aretius Corciovei – Len

Contact: len [@] len.ro or ym: marilen_corciovei

I live in Bucharest, Romania

I work as a consultant on software architectures and solutions, J2EE related technologies, web development in general, security, Linux and Open Source.

For more than 7 years since I founded Nemesis IT I have also started doing sales, marketing and much more. This gave me an unique view of the IT industry from top to bottom.

What I do?

  • I am working almost all day long on different projects, talking to different people from around the world trying to make things work together.
  • I spend a lot of time explaining technical or functional aspects or finding what people expect from a specific project. I am gradually learning to listen more and to formulate ideas in non-technical terms such that we can improve our communication.
  • I like to cook and enjoy good food
  • I like to tinker a lot on software (linux, python, java) and on my bicycle.
  • When I do not work, and I have finished tinkering on my bicycle, I try to find some decent roads for cycling or write some of the things I have in my mind.

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