Chanterelle stew

As a child I remember many types of mushroom stews especially with wild mushrooms. They were especially tasty but now almost impossible to find. Now the only available variety are champignons. As such, I welcomed finding a different type of mushrooms, interesting and yellow: chanterelles. This recipe is quite simple, basicaly a mushroom stew with some optional minced meat and served with pollenta.

Chanterelle stew

Chanterelle stew


  • 1/2 kg chanterelle mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • 200g minced meat (optional)
  • corn flour


  • prepare polenta by adding corn flour to boiling water in proportion (1:2.5 corn flour to water)
  • wash and clean the mushrooms thoroughly
  • chop then brown the onion
  • if using meat, brown the meat
  • add the mushrooms and let them cook for 15 minutes until soft
  • add salt and pepper
  • server over polenta

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