Price of work

It’s now more than 16h of work for today. My mind hardly commutes any neuron. With pauses no greater than 5 minutes I have been sitting in my comfortable chair in front of my 2 computers codding, debugging, testing, software applications. I’m struggling with a fight I don’t know how to fight. I’m driven to work and to finish my tasks, to finish a work which never finishes. I’m driven to eat in order to give my poor neurons a bit more energy juice. Sitting in a comfortable chair and driven to work and eat I think about the evolved aliens with a small body and a big head but as I imagine myself I can only see a body growing much faster than my head. Even on diet, eating dissociated, eating only small pieces each time this type of work gets us in a horrible way. The price of work is the price we will have to pay to heal our bodies ruined in the process. I am paying this price each day as the work pushes me further into a prosperous life. Tomorrow, will I be able to wake up, and instead of starting the work just do nothing, fast and run from everything?

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