Gentoo: upgrading to udev-103

If you are upgrading to udev-103 as I did and you have several network interfaces then you might end up with them swaped randomly upon reboot.

This is what happend to me and it costed at least 30 mins to find out the solution:

  • started with eth0 – b44, eth1 – ipw2001
  • tryied to upgrade to udev-103 during a regular upgrade
  • this required to unmerge coldplug (emerge -C coldplug)
  • everything ok, I rebooted after merging the config files
  • at reboot received a lot of network errors as it seemed that eth0 was now the wireless card and eth1 not even activated
  • searching google and the gentoo forums for a while did not gave me much info
  • in the end I found out this interesting thread: aparently now udev loads the modules before /etc/init.d/modules which uses the /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6 file and they are loaded in a different order.
  • finally changed RC_COLDPLUG=”no” in /etc/conf.d/rc rebooted and everything was ok.

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