I have been trying to find a way to display on the web in a reasonable fashion a graph of ro blog’s connections. After trying various configurations with graphviz, tulip and other graph visualization software it was clear to me that there is no way to display a highly connected ~ 700 nodes graph in reasonable size image. The best I could hope after trying different layouts of the graph in tulip was something like this:

roblog * 1217 x 946 * (195KB) or roblog-2 * 1217 x 946 * (194KB)

Then I remembered some old code I have written 3-4 years ago using the touchgraph library. I have founded with surprise that no more opensource code has been released since so I dusted the CVS and found the old applet code which I quickly modified to read a very simple “dot-like” format:

node_a -> node_b
node_c -> node_b

The results looks like this:

roblog-graph-2 * 598 x 535 * (96KB) roblog-graph-1 * 593 x 551 * (35KB)

You can find the final visualization applet here after checking the TG license or you can contact me for more details.

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