motp html5 app

After the Adobe Flex incident I spent a lot of time searching for a real RIA experience library and I found none. The truth is that I could not find any library which allows for the same ease of development, rich interface, multi-platform stability and advanced OOP language. Being fueled by marketing and buzz is not enough to have something solid to develop any kind of real RIA with ease.

So in the mean time, waiting for the time to pass I decided to build a html5 app. Developing with javascript reminded my of the bad times when you wrote something in FF and then a lot of hours later you decided to test it in IE and nothing worked. Nevertheless using: phonegap for encapsulation and jquerymobile for the UI, I implemented a motp client.

Based on the 4 digit pin and 16 bytes secret (or 20 chars seed) it will generate a one-time-password. Depending on the server implementation this will usually be valid for an amount of 3 minutes if the 2 devices are in time sync. Several server profiles are supported. An advanced mode allows for seed to secret generation and minute based offset.

Download the android market app searching for “motp token” or use this qrcode:

motp token app

You can also test the app in your html5 browser here.

All the code is available in git-hub under apache 2 license. You can find more information about motp here.


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