Remember the days when visiting Istanbul where each night you had to:

  • copy all the photos to your laptop using a custom cable or in later times by removing the sd card and plugging it into the laptop or, worse, an external reader
  • or, if you traveled light, sort them on the camera display so you have more space
  • then after returning home spend at least one weekend to sort them, edit them in Gimp, Lightroom or Darktable?

Thankfully these days are now gone and also the heavy photo equipment is no longer needed most of the time. So today:

  • I use my phone to take the photos
  • I sort, edit, tag and rate them using f-stop. This creates standard .xmp sidecars or stores the metadata in the file itself. Could not find something similar on android.
  • Copy the files to the laptop using rsync over mtp
rsync --verbose --delete -P --omit-dir-times -ai --modify-window=1 --no-perms -r --inplace 20221012-spain/ /home/len/photos/20221012-spain/
  • Use the custom fotos app to publish them.