Strange fn-function

My laptop has a strange fn + right arrow icon which could suggest an illuminated keyboard. Is this function now present on dell’s? Trying to activate it does not work but the strange thing is that I asked a question on the dell forums and one day after I received a mail that my post was inappropriate so it was removed.

Right arrow

What does combination is supposed to do? I think it will remain a mystery for now.

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  1. "inappropriate" – that’s strange. I’d like to know the very same thing. There’s nothing in the docs that I can find. It would kill if it did what the icon implies (light up the keyboard), but that’s unlikely. I’ve read that someone has a patent on backlit translucent keys that charge a mint to use which is why we never see this incredibly desired feature.

    If you hear anything regarding, let me know. ;)


  2. Marilen Corciovei

    The only clue I have is that the dell d620 atg has 2 red illumination lamps. Maybe they use a single type of keyboard for both laptops. Search google for: "ATG D620 red illumination" and you will find a notebookreview image with the 2 red lamps.

  3. If you look up the online manual for the Dell ATG D620, it confirms that this is to turn the keyboard illumination LEDs on and off.

  4. Hey – I know this is an old post, but I have been wondering about the illuminated keyboard key on my D620 for a while… Is it supposed to work? Is there some way to get it to work???

  5. @jon – I don’t know about the D620 but my D820 does not has an illuminated keyboard, it just has the keyboard of an ATG D620 and in the case of the ATG 620 the lights are not in the keyboard but above the lcd panel.

  6. You have to enter set up and enable the keyboard led’s. Then the on off toggle will work.

  7. @TR which set up should i enter?

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