The little one

I have decided to call my Acer Aspire One “the little one” or “little” first because it’s really little and second because I was reading Orson Scott’s Ender – Speaker of the dead and as “the little ones” from it’s book this netbook has been strange at first to me. I have never had a laptop with less than 1600x… or it’s wide equivalent resolution yet this laptops screen is bright and I could use it even on the beach under an umbrella. It’s fast startup time makes it very easy to start/stop working and I have found during my vacation that I never had the battery depleted during the day even if I did some reasonable amount of reading, internet surfing or map orientation. I also had no worry to carry it everywhere as it has no HDD. So in the end we managed to find a very good common ground and this was based on the fact that it’s linux based. Even with the small screen and the somewhat slow SSD I know I will take it with me when cycling or travelling or in vacation just because it’s very practical and still usable from my point of view. I get the small things which keep me in contact such as firefox or ssh with only some extra weight and not much extra stress. Now if I could only find a smaller power cable :)

Good things:

  • – screen
  • – keyboard
  • – card readers
  • – startup time
  • linux
  • – camera (too easy to have a camera in linux this way)

Bad things:

  • – slow SSD
  • – very long/big power cable
  • – posix overlay (I really hate this as it does work only in a small number of programs and prefer accessing directly /media/disk)
  • – mail/ym software from acer
  • – charging time

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