Yesterday I was cooking lentils (dal) curry which are one of my favorite and comfort dishes and when it was almost ready I realized I was really craving for some simple bread instead of rice so here was this very simple recipe which I realized is very similar to an indian bread (chapati).




  • 1 cup (measure) flour
  • 1/4 cup (measure) water
  • 2 tbs oil of melted butter
  • salt, spices


  • mix everything with a wooden spoon
  • knead for a few minutes
  • divide in 6, roll each piece using a rolling pin or an empty glass bottle
  • cook in a hot pan for a few minutes
  • enjoy warm with various curry dishes

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  1. I like many kinds of Indian roti – naan, chapati etc etc

  2. OOOH! I’ve tried to make indian like bread before and failed this recipe seems easy enough! I will try the next time i make chaana masala–My fav dish :)

  3. I forgot to ask, how would you modify this if i wanted to use whole wheat flour?

  4. @Kemi, I have not tried using whole wheat flour but the problems I can see with this bread are: having the dough too hard (too little liquid) and not kneading it enough thus making it difficult to stretch it thin. If it’s not rolled thin it will not be so nice and if it’s too hard or not kneaded enough it will be difficult cu roll. BTW I also like chana masala, there should be a recipe somewhere here.

  5. cool, I used to eat these when I lived in Tanzania… I am definitely going to try to make them :)

  6. What spices would you use? I know it probably is a matter of preference, but examples would be helpful.

  7. These chapatis look really good. Thank you for the post. I have never tried adding oil: maybe that will keep it soft for a longer time. I’ll try that. Usually I use chapati flour and dust all-purpose flour for rolling it out.

    @Kemi: The traditional chapati flour is a mix whole wheat and all-purpose flour (

  8. @April Actually I’ve tried a few combinations: scallions (green onions), coriander and cumin (I’m a bit cumin fan) and even “herbes de provence” a mix used in french roasted beef. The dough is so similar to the dough used for various dumplings which can be stuffed with lots of things.

    @Zee I also tried adding melted butter but they are better when hot, did not tried to store them. They did not last anyway :)

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