From the sea

I love seafood, I could replace almost everything else with it. And since the wonderfull fish market in Barcelona I’ve been dreaming of “pulpitos”. This very simple recipes consisting of fried little squids with lemon and parsley was prepared on spot there in the small restaurant. The trick is just to make sure you fry and not boil them in their own liquid so since my pan does not get too hot I drained them for a few times while leaving the pan to reheat. Then I just added lemon and freshly cut parsley and yuhuu, a mediteranean delice.



I also did the same for a bit of smoked salmon which I could not resist leaving in the shop when I bought the little squids.

Fried smoked salmon

Fried smoked salmon

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  1. Barcelona as your daily inspiration! Lucky! Seafood there is absolutely amazing.

  2. that salmon looks phenomenal!!

  3. @jessica The fish market in Barcelona was like paradise for me, unfortunatelly I did not had a portable kitchen with me so since I returned I tried to find some very little comfort with the local, very little, choice of seafood.

    @juliana And it was so easy to make, less than 10 mins, I just bought it because I could not resist temptation.

  4. Unde ai gasit fresh little squids ?

  5. La metro, aduc marti si sambata dimineata.

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