Bean with sausages

(Almost)home made smoked sausages are usually available only during the winter holidays when most dishes are pork based and the people prepare the sausages by them self. There is no comparison with the commercial versions and I really enjoy when I find some sausages of this type in the winter markets.

This is just one of the dishes which can use these highly flavored sausages. They also come in many varieties: pork with basil, pork with sheep, sheep with beef, more or less smoked, etc.

Bean stew with sausages

Bean stew with sausages

(recipe updated 23-Dec-2009)


  • 1/2 kg of dried beans
  • 250g of smoked sausages
  • some tomato sauce (3-4 tbs)
  • spices: garlic, coriander, pepper, red peppers, parsley
  • optional: potatoes, carrots


  • clean the beans and add water to cover, let them rest for 1 night
  • replace the water and boil the beans with salt, pepper and coriander
  • when the beans are 1/2 done you can add cut potatoes and carrots to allow them to be ready at the same time
  • cut the sausages in small pieces, fry them in a pan
  • when the beans are almost ready add the sausages, tomato sauce, chopped garlic and red peppers
  • let it simmer for 10 more minutes then add the finely chop parsley and let it rest to allow the blending of flavors.
  • enjoy/pofta buna


  • you can only use half of the the beans for this dish and boil the rest until they are very soft and prepare a bean paste also.

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  1. Mancare adevarata si romaneasca… buna pentru regimurile de slabit…
    O seara minunata iti doresc

  2. E buna pentru regim la fel ca orice alta mancare atata timp cand mananci doar un pic :)

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