The lamb “drob”

Ro: drob de miel in prapure

The lamb “drob” is a traditional recipe for easter using the lamb organs. There are many variations and this one aspires to be for me the ideal one and I will try to show why.

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I bought a half of a lamb from the butcher shop with everything inside and I needed almost everything:

  • heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, diaphragm
  • a bundle of green onion, one of green garlic and one of green dill
  • 3 2 eggs
  • the lamb caul fat (“prapure”). This is the membrane holding the intestines together.


  • boil water with salt and pepper and add in order the heart, kidneys (which I cleaned with vinegar before), liver and lungs. Note: the lungs tend to float so make sure they are boiled
  • let if boil for 5-10 minutes. Remove the foam from time to time.
  • remove from the water and let it cool down for 30 minutes. Don’t throw away the water.
  • chop using a knife. Note: some variations use a mincing machine to chop the ingredients which result in a paste like composition which I don’t like. This is not foie gras nor minced meat balls.

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  • cut the vegetables (there should be a 2/1 meat/vegetables ratio)

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  • mix the chopped meat and vegetables. Beat the eggs and add to the mixture. The eggs should hold everything together. Don’t add them all from start as they might not be all needed. This is not an omelet. Note: some variations add a lot of flour to the mix. This is not a pie.
  • lubricate the pan with sunflower oil or butter then put the “prapure”. Use warm water to clean it before and be careful not to break it.

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  • add the mix and then fold the “prapure” over
  • cook in the oven for 30 – 40 minutes. I preheated the oven for 10 minutes before on lowest flame setting.
  • server cold or warm

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  • Paste Fericit!

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  1. what about the water you boiled the organs in????

  2. I did not used it, even if I removed the foam a couple of times it was a bit heavy.

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